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Specialist Medical Appointments

Dr. Carolyn O'Brien is our resident Feline Medicine Specialist, and she is available to see referral cases from other veterinarians and advanced second-opinion cases without a referral.

She will thoroughly review your cat's clinical record and design a diagnostic and treatment program to address your cat's medical issues. Dr. O'Brien is an internationally recognised speaker, teacher, and author of numerous research articles and textbook chapters. She has a Masters degree and Ph.D. in Infectious Diseases and has worked in feline specialist practice for over 20 years.

Where appropriate, Dr. O'Brien will work closely with Veterinary Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists, Radiologists, Critical Care Specialists, and Surgeons to optimise the outcome for your cat.

During each visit, your cat will undergo a complete physical examination. Some very nervous cats may need medications on the day of their appointment to relieve veterinary-visit anxiety. Please call us before your visit if you think this would be of assistance to your cat.